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Support for PathUser TM

Support, either verbal or written has been offered for the principle of PathUserTM by the following:

  • Professor Sir John Lillyman (former President, Royal College of Pathologists) has supported the Pathuser project.
  • Dr Colin Waine (Former President, Royal Collage of General Practitioners; member of Pathology Modernisation Steering Group member).
  • Viscount Thurso M.P (MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross).
  • Jamie Stone M.S.P (MSP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross).
  • Anne Stephenson (Special Projects Manager for the NHS at the Department of Health).
  • Rt. Hon Charles Clarke M.P.
  • Dr Ian Barnes (NHS Clinical Director for Pathology and Consultant Chemical Pathologist, Leeds).
  • Dr Evan Harris MP (Former Health Spokesman for the Liberal Democrats).
  • Lord Hunt of Kings Heath (Former Minister of State for the Department of Health).

In addition individual pathology consultants who have seen the system expressed their enthusiasm for its principle and content.

The Rt Hon Ian McCartney MP, Chairman of the Labour Party has undertaken to put the company in touch with the Secretary of State for Health.


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