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Confirming the need for PathUser TM

There is no current systematic demand control mechanism in Pathology. PathUserTM is a direct outcome of the need to benchmark and therefore enable useful monitoring, auditing and management of pathology testing potentially across the country.

It has the potential in terms of timing and cost saving, to help meet the Government’s urgent need for reform in the Pathology sector. It presents the opportunity to achieve efficiency savings in a public-private sector partnership, using private sector expertise to facilitate extension of a proven concept and working to complement other potential demand control mechanisms.

In order for any national service to be effective it requires the involvement and support of all stakeholders. In this case the stakeholders are many and varied. They include the Government, the PCTs, Consultant Pathologists, Professional associations and GPs. Each has quite different requirements of the service and will access it in different ways. Thus it must be easy and rapid to access, requires multi-disciplinary input and must be centrally organised.

The need for education as a support to effect change in practitioners behaviour is well documented 23. The principle of PathuserTM aims to set the education in a context of self and PCT peer review, activity data and audit.

There is good evidence that practice behaviour can be changed by a combination of educational and facilitating mechanisms, 22,23,24 although these must begin with knowledge of what is best practice.

Within this environment PathUserTM will therefore provide a mechanism that allows the user firstly to address inappropriate testing and improve quality of patient care, secondly release funding for direct patient care and thirdly meet the requirements of standards in good practice awards.